Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Southern Illinois University Settles With CLS Chapter

After over two years in court and a landmark decision in the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals, Southern Illinois University School of Law and the CLS Chapter at SIU have reached a settlement in CLS's lawsuit challenging SIU's derecognition of the chapter under the university's Affirmative Action/Equal Employment Opportunity Policy. Under its terms, SIU will now interpret its policies in a manner that does not prohibit a religious student organization like CLS from restricting membership and leadership to persons who agree to its Statement of Faith and do not unrepentantly engage in sexual conduct (including same sex sexual conduct) outside of a traditional marriage. SIU also agreed to pay an undisclosed sum in attorneys fees and costs and to award $10,000 for scholarships for meritorious SIU students to be administered by CLS.

We will likely have more to say on the settlement on this blog in the coming days. You can also visit the ADF website for the press release and settlement agreement.

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