Monday, July 14, 2008

David Nammo of FRCAction on Obama's Faith-Based Initiative: "Works without faith is preferred."

To follow up on Greg's analysis of Obama's faith-based initiative plan today and his previous analysis on July 1, here is some additional commentary from David Nammo, past Director of Attorney & Law Student Ministries at CLS, and now Executive Director of FRCAction. Nammo was also quoted this weekend by the Denver Post in a Sunday article on Obama's faith-based plan.

According to Nammo:

Senator Obama’s proposition no longer keeps with a main tenet of charitable choice that was passed by a bipartisan majority in 1992 -- that faith-based organizations should not be required to relinquish their religious identity as a condition for participating in government-funded programs. Instead, the senator’s plan will require that religious organizations abandon their faith -- the very thing that makes them faith-based organizations in the first place.


An oft-quoted verse in the Biblical book of James is: “Faith without works is dead.”

Senator Obama appears to be attempting to rewrite
this passage to say: “Works without faith is preferred.”