Tuesday, August 5, 2008

State announces that it will not appeal Tenth Circuit decision in Colorado Christian University v. Weaver

In a press release the Colorado Department of Higher Education announced that the Colorado Commission on Higher Education will not appeal the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeal's decision in Colorado Christian University v. Weaver. The 10th Circuit ruled that the state's exclusion of CCU students from financial aid because of the school's religious identity was unconstitutional.

From the press release:

Colorado Solicitor General Dan Domenico, who argued the State's case, remarked, "As we were obliged to do, we presented the strongest case we could to the court. The court has now made clear, though, that Colorado's law is outdated and must be changed. We are glad that the CCHE has agreed with our recommendation not to ask the Supreme Court to overturn this decision, and we look forward to working with interested parties to craft a solution that complies with the court's decision."

Also see the August 1 Rocky Mountain News story covering the state's announcement.