Friday, May 1, 2009

Ruling for Christian School Stands

The California Supreme Court let stand a lower court ruling rejecting a "sexual orientation" discrimination claim against a Christian high school.

Consistent with its code of conduct, California Lutheran High School expelled two students it believed were in a lesbian relationship. The students' parents sued, claiming that the school committed discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, something that the state Unruh Act forbids in "business establishments." The trial court and intermediate appellate court held that the school was not a business establishment and thus not subject to the act.

The plaintiffs asked the California Supreme Court to review that judgment. They also asked the state high court to depublish the Court of Appeal's opinion. On April 29, the court rejected both requests.

The CLS Center represented the Association of Faith-Based Organizations in the case. AFBO sought to intervene. Throughout the case, the Center argued on behalf of AFBO that application of the Unruh Act to Cal Lutheran in this case would violate the school's religious liberty.

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KB said...

So glad to hear this rule stood up.

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