Monday, April 13, 2009

"Gay Rights" v. Religious Liberty

Commentary by Nathan Diament, Keith Pavlischek, and the Washington Post.


kbrown said...

They have the right to do anything they wish, but when we talk about protection under the government and sanctioning lifestyles that is totally different.

what is the bible

Jason said...

Government already affords protections due to gender for women, and conversely to men, but if your somewhere in the middle, it's suddenly a different matter?

The right to marry and the protections it affords are already a "lifestyle" sanctioned by the government. The issue is the government not only allowing, but promoting and protecting this lifestyle for straight people while simultaneously denying the exact same thing to people if they happen to have been born gay. Trying to pass it off at something different is just a cheap ploy to hide that basic fact. So the matter isn't about the government protecting or sanctioning anything different, its about discriminating against a minority that was unlucky enough to be born differently.